On October 11 2022, the second NEON demo took place. For this occasion, we were guests at the Ecomobiel/Vakbeurs Energie trade fair in Den Bosch. This fair welcomes ~7000 visitors a day, so we had quite the audience! Also, being present at a trade fair is a great opportunity to cross the bridge from science to every day practice.

Nearly all NEON PhD candidates were there and shared valuable insights from their research. Because we only had one day at the fair, we did not have enough time for individual sessions by each candidate. PhDs were divided into small groups and each group devised its own demo session, which led to wonderfully creative results. There were sessions on topics such as:

  • electric vehicle fleets for mobility-as-a-service
  • coordination and standardization for sustainable powergrids
  • fastcharging the future of electric trucks
  • cooperatives to accelerate energy and mobility transitions
  • stakeholder perspectives
  • airborne wind and tandem solar

We also had a very nice spot for our poster wall.

NEON events often feature a little musical entertainment and demo 2 was no exception. The NEON band sang a heartfelt song about how difficult finishing your PhD is…

All in all, it was a wonderful day but we were a little pressed for time. With so much interesting research, a day really isn’t enough to give everyone the limelight they deserve. This October we will back at the Ecomobiel/Vakbeurs Energie for NEON DEMO 3, and this time we will be there for the full three days. Please keep an eye out for our updates and come and see us on 10-11-12 Ocober 2023!


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