Demand, storage and new market models

Work package 3: Local energy demand, storage and new market models

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Do you want to work on Demand, storage and new market models?

We are looking for the best multidisciplinary researchers to bridge the gap between social, technical and economic market models

Work package 3: Local energy demand, storage and new market models


An open question is how local supply and demand can be integrated in the energy market in a way
that aligns with energy transition objectives. The main aim of this WP is therefore to design, test, and evaluate new market models that help accelerate the energy transition. The widespread use of renewables and the electrification of transport, heating, and industry open up new possibilities and roles for users and producers in the energy system. Harnessing the potential of the new roles such as prosumers, aggregators, and energy cooperatives requires new market models.

In this project you will develop a framework for different market models in order to be able to explore the impacts of the different options in terms of energy, costs and GHG reductions, and distributional effects. You will test the market models in a modeled and living lab context.

PhD. candidates

This WP is looking for the best students with a background, in economics, innovation sciences, energy science, building and planning, or governance that want to design and test new market models for the energy transition? This project requires both qualitative and quantitative skills, multidisciplinary and relevant prior experience is an advantage. If that sounds like you, check out our vacancies.

Research activities

  1. Design and investigate new local roles and market structures in demand side management such as
    prosumers and aggregators.
  2. Research the societal challenges in smart energy systems with a focus on local social costs and
    benefits and embedding in the built environment.
  3. Investigate local energy demand scenarios in the built environment of the use cases
  4. Determine the role of different storage technologies within local renewable energy systems
    (including batteries, hydrogen storage and power to gas).
  5. Develop interface between local and national models (link to WP10)

Overall contribution to the NEON project

New market models are pivotal in realizing the energy transition. This project thereby provides a key part of the NEON integral models in close cooperation with the other NEON researchers.