Work package 8b: Governance for accelerating the energy transition – standardization

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If we want to accelerate the transition to zero emission energy and mobility, smart standards are crucial but often overlooked. You can change that.

Work package 8b: Governance for accelerating the energy transition – standardization


  1. Preventing monopolization of one or more levels in the value chain by addressing the availability
    and adoption of open standards,
  2. To analyze whether the needs for standardization for the full scope of NEON are properly met,
  3. To recommend steps to ensure the required standards will become available and obstacles for
    adoption are removed where necessary.


  1. Analyze where standardization is required in the technical areas of each of the work packages
    WP1-WP7 in order to ensure successful, interoperable realization (7 cases). Special attention for
    specific needs related to the Dutch context and for the end user as legitimate stakeholder
  2. Organize stakeholder meetings with internal and external parties for each of the 7 cases, and
    selection of two to three ‘critical’ cases for further focus
  3. Evaluate the (future) availability of standards in the focus cases, and whether they sufficiency
    align with the requirements found in Activity #1
  4. Study possible obstacles in the standards setting institutional environment and propose solutions
    and recommendations (especially for Dutch stakeholders)
  5. Investigate the possible need for mandated interoperability standards in this area.
    Tasks in 9b are performed by PhD student located at TU/e and at Dialogic Innovatie & Interactie.

Expected output

  1. A project report that analyses the needs for standardization in seven cases related to energy
    and mobility, corresponding to WP1-WP7 (M10)
  2. A project report on the ongoing standardization activities related to three focus cases (M18)
  3. A project advising stakeholders on involvement and taking possible initiatives in
    standardization (36)
  4. An academic paper reviewing existing research on standardization in vertical, cross-sector
    application areas such as mobility, energy, health, and IoT (M8)
  5. An academic paper on the degree to which the current standardization infrastructure is able to
    successfully meet the needs for interoperability related to Grand Technical Challenges,
    focusing on energy and mobility (M20)
  6. An academic paper on the new legitimate role of users and stakeholders in standardization to
    ensure their position in the value chain (M32)
  7. An academic paper on whether and in which situations regulators should go beyond voluntary
    standardization and mandate the use of specific standards (M42)
  8. A full PhD thesis that builds upon the academic papers listed above (M48)

Academic papers will be presented at leading conferences in standardization and mobility, and
intended target for academic papers include Research Policy, Technological Forecasting and Social
Change, International Journal of Standardization Research, and also relevant more technical-oriented
journals such as IEEE Transactions.