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The first NEON Q-celebration!

Written by Youn and Tessa We would like to introduce the new collaboration and reflection approach this year at NEON: “Q-celebration”. At this quarterly event,

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On October 11 2022, the second NEON demo took place. For this occasion, we were guests at the Ecomobiel/Vakbeurs Energie trade fair in Den Bosch.

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Bipolar dc grid patent

Bipolar dc grid is a promising solution for future power distribution grids for land, sea and space. These grids have higher power transfer capability when

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Me@NEON Sofia Rosero

Moving to the Netherlands has been completely eye-opening for me in more than one way. I came here to pursue a Master in Political Sciences

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Electric Powertrain Simulation

In Work Package 4, I, Theo Hoffman, investigate together with co-supervisors Pascal Etman and Mauro Salazar how to design small series of electric vehicles in a

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Wind worries and smart solutions

In this first NEON research blogpost, I will introduce a range of partners, principal investigators and PhD candidates around an important topic that has gotten a lot

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Me@NEON: Helena Schmidt

How very urgent the situation around climate change is, only dawned upon me at the beginning of 2019 when the international climate movement, inspired by

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