Medium-voltage fast charging

Work package 5: Charging mobility – Medium-voltage charger technology

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Work package 5: Charging mobility – Medium-voltage charger technology


  1. Develop a MV-charger proof of concept: ultra-fast bidirectional charging technology that can be
    connected directly to the medium voltage electricity grid without a 10kV/400V transformer and is
    especially suitable for heavy transport where high power is needed.
  2. Determine the impact and possibilities of high power V2G (vehicle to grid) and grid support on
    future grid configurations, resulting in optimal use of renewable energy.
  3. Provide input and check output regarding the business case of MV chargers for busses, trucks and
  4. Develop distributed control algorithms that enable grid stabilization using (multiple) MV chargers,
    supporting the development of future ICT standards (input for WP8).
  5. Provide input to and check output of the integral model to determine the impact (both positive
    and negative) of these high-power chargers.
  6. Analyse the legal ramifications of directly connected high-power chargers to the electricity grid.
  7. Determine optimal future charging combinations, comparing the use of fast charging, opportunity
    charging, overnight charging, destination charging and caternary charging) for different business
    cases (e.g. busses, ships, trucks and maybe even ultra-fast charging of regular cars). This
    objective also requires a thorough analysis of individual preferences.


  1. Charger supported MV grid capacity optimization with societally desirable incentives and business
    models (Enexis, Liander, Elaad, Enpuls, TU Delft, TU/e, HvA)
  2. Modular bidirectional power conversion for MV grid-connected ultrafast chargers (Damen, Heliox,
    IHC, Prodrive, Elaad, TU/e)
  3. Scalable distributed control techniques for networks of grid connected high-power chargers
    (Enpuls, Enexis, Liander, TU/e)
  4. Power converter architectures with extended lifetime and zero downtime (Heliox, Prodrive, TU/e)
  5. Improved reliability, power

Expected output

  1. Publications: 8 papers in top relevant journals (IEEE transactions etc.) and 12 conference papers.
  2. MV Ultrafast charging technology and proof of concept MV charger (M46)
  3. Technical constraints for a legal framework and challenges regarding the deployment of MV
    chargers (M36)
  4. Control algorithms (including input for ICT standards and grid code) to stabilize the grid using MV
    chargers (M46)
  5. Parametrization and vetting of integral model scenarios using MV chargers, charging hubs, V2G
    and different use of charging infrastructure (M35)
  6. Estimation of the likelihood of different charging infrastructures and their impact on grid structure
    and renewable energy use (M42)
  7. Innovative technology with unique business potential for the Dutch charger and vehicle manufacturing industry (M48)