DC electricity grids

Work package 2: Energy transportation using electricity grids

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Work package 2: Energy transportation using electricity grids


  1. Provide grid topologies:
    a. high voltage grid topology of the Netherlands
    b. medium voltage grid topology of Brabant
    c. low voltage grid topology of selected neighbourhoods to the integral model
  2. Provide input and judge output of the impact on the grid by loads caused through the scenarios
    simulated by the integral model with a focus on grid cost and the limitations that the grid places in
    different scenarios.
  3. Develop the ‘more electric ships’ (MES) concept, a hybrid form in shipping propulsion. Electric
    shipping purposes a number of unique challenges in terms of charging, storage and grid. DC grids
    are seen as a solution, to increase efficiency and reduce space requirements for the power
    equipment. The main topics of investigation are
    a. Designing high power and enhanced controllability in DC Bipolar grids
    b. Optimum sizing of energy storage systems
    c. System reliability, redundancy and cost-effective designs
    d. Operational system efficiency enhancement
  4. Determine what amount of interconnectivity with other countries is available at what price so the
    integral model can explore the interplay between interconnectivity and storage.
  5. Determine how people perceive power lines and what this means for the political costs of grid


  1. Research DC microgrid solutions for ships
  2. Research the applicability of DC (micro)grid solutions in the Netherlands
  3. Investigate potential cost savings of DC grids
  4. Develop realistic grid models for neighborhoods and the Netherlands as a whole
  5. Set up scenarios and boundaries for interconnectivity in integral models
  6. Find regulatory obstacles towards energy transportation developments
  7. Investigate how people perceive power lines

Expected output

  1. Designs of DC microgrid solutions for ships, buildings and small neighbourhoods.
  2. Papers showing how to minimize both grid investments and overall system costs using scenarios
    that include not only the regular electricity network but also interconnections, and local storage
    under different adoption levels of technologies from other work packages.
  3. Papers guiding policy making on grids