Assistant professor

Gautham Ram

About me

Hi, I am Gautham Ram and I work as a Assistant professor in TU Delft in the Department of Electrical Sustainable Energy. I strongly believe that climate change is not a question of if but when. To do my part in the energy transition, I work on technologies for electric vehicle charging and how to power electric vehicles using sustainable sources like solar. In my free time, I enjoy travelling, watching shows/documentaries, gardening, and tinkering with my drone and camera. Also, I love riding a bike, which is especially great in the Netherlands and certainly more sustainable than (even) an electric car!

Personal Motivation

There is a compartmentalized approach to energy transition both within and between the domains of technology developers in academia and industry, social science researchers and policy makers. NEON bridges this gap by bringing on board motivated ‘transitioners’, both young and experienced, from across the board and providing a platform to collaborate and co-create. Each individual and combination of solutions has its owns unique benefits and challenges and I think NEON can provide and implement the vision forward for an integrated and sustainable energy transition.

DC electricity grids

  1. How can the Dutch electricity grid accommodate a large penetration of renewables, electrified heating and electrified mobility?
  2. What role does short term and long term energy storage play in the energy transportation?
  3. How can intelligent control of flexible sources and loads facilitate higher percentage of renewables and electrification of heating and mobility?