Victor Reyes Dreke

About me

Believing that science can lead humanity to a better future is a core part of my beliefs. That is why I constantly have found myself seeking new knowledge and how to apply it. As an automation and control engineer, I think I can help build the world we want and need. Besides work, like most people, the other pillars of my life are family, friends and football.

Personal Motivation

Researching and trying to find a solution that can improve the life quality of people is motivation enough. Add to that, the possibility of doing it meanwhile obtaining new knowledge on a topic of my interest, interchanging with colleagues, convinced me that NEON could be an excellent place for personal and professional growth.

Control of Ultra-fast chargers

My research area is on control methods for power electronic converters. Nowadays, as part of the mobility and energy transition, new power electronics converters are developed for fulfilling more strict and environmentally friendly requirements. As an automation and control engineer, my goal is to design and implement control methods to ensure the proper functioning of these new hardwares. These control methods should be able to use information in a predictive way. Hence, the proposed control could ensure proper functioning not only for the current conditions but also for the future ones. The final result should be a faster, smarter and more efficient controller.

Link to other neon research

The development of a medium-voltage high-power bidirectional charger is the goal of work package 5. Therefore, it would be nice to exchange some research ideas with the DC electric grid, electric mobility, demand and storage, and smart hubs. I am curious to see their research outputs because of my research interests. Furthermore, it will be necessary to work close with regulation and standardization, since their inputs are decisive to make the ultra-fast successful in real-life without any regulatory barriers. Finally, I think it will be important to give some inputs and have some feedback from the integral model, which will enable the interdisciplinary cooperation between all work packages.