PhD Candidate

Sofia Rosero Abad

About me

I really like being busy. Since I was very little my days were always filled with activity after activity and I guess eventually I got used to the chaos. Now, if I have nothing to do, I just get impatient, so I keep filling my days with activities. That’s how I got into dancing. I dance modern, modern jazz and hip hop at a completely amateur level J. I also like eating weird food combinations, which most people don’t find appealing. I specially like mixing sweet and salty tastes together. Thinking back to it, this is probably a cultural trait, although I’m not sure about this. If you’ve ever been in Quito, you would know hot chocolate with cheese cubes inside is the best cold weather drink!

Personal Motivation

What I liked about NEON is that it is a very multidisciplinary project, and that is something I have always found important in my life. At first, this just meant I spent some years studying very different things, but that gave me direction. Now I understand that some of the greatest challenges society has ahead, need to be looked at from a multidisciplinary perspective as well. I believe that the energy transition needs such an approach to be efficient. We have to address the human, economic and regulatory aspects slowing down the energy transition so we can make a long-lasting change.

Technical standardization to accelerate the energy transition

Without standards, we would probably look a lot like a group of headless chickens going in different directions without ever agreeing on a best approach. Within this work package I would try to look into how standardization can help accelerate the energy transition. I will probably start from a systems approach where I would define the standardization structure so that it can be used in new technology models. Hopefully, this approach will shed light on how new energy and mobility technologies need to be designed so that they can efficiently operate in our interconnected world.

My focus will be on interoperability standards. This means that I will be also looking into the role of users in two-way communication systems. This also means that I will ideally find connections between technologies so that they can have a greater impact on the energy transition.

Link to other neon research

This work package is designed to work closely together with Work Packages 1-6, as I would be looking into the standardization needs for these technological areas. However other potential candidates for collaboration are WP7 and WP8a.