PHD candidate

Sachin Yadav

About me

I love sports and I am addicted to running. I am always hungry for knowledge and want to be one of the best at what I do, be it in life or in career. I believe in developing long term habits. My personality is accommodating type, so I am open to new ideas and collaborations.

Personal Motivation

I came to the Netherlands for my masters in Sustainable Energy Technologies at TU Delft. I was really fascinated by the kind of research on renewable energy technologies being conducted here. Working at NEON brings me a step closer to achieving a future sustainable world. Recently, I came across the idea of a “hyperobject”, a term coined by Timothy Morton. A hyperobject is a phenomena that exists between a vast space and time. All the human beings are directly or indirectly affected by a hyperobject however, it might not be perceivable by everybody. To understand these phenomena, we need to acquire multidisciplinary knowledge of science, philosophy, etc. The iceberg represents a hyperobject (also present on the cover of Timothy Morton’s book). We can only perceive a part of the iceberg however, much of it remains hidden from our gaze. Working at NEON is like working to solve the puzzle of global warming which itself can be considered a hyperobject. It affects everybody on our planet, spans centuries in time, and to understand its impact, we need to gather knowledge from multiple disciplines.

Bipolar DC Grids on Ships

My research is related to work package 2 – Terrestrial and marine dc grids. The research is being conducted with Damen and Royal IHC as research partners. Bipolar dc grids has a lot of advantages over traditional 3 phase ac and unipolar dc grids. They can carry more power in the same conductor area, have higher efficiency, have better power quality and can aid in the integration of various alternative energy resources such as batteries and fuel cells. Currently, I am working on methods and solutions which can help in the realization of bipolar dc grids on ships.

Link to other neon research

My research is heavily focused on power electronics. In work package 5, focus is being given on medium voltage fast charging. The technologies developed in this package can be useful for onshore charging of batteries on ships. I am sure that other collaboration opportunities will open up as the research progresses.