PHD candidate

Saba Siadati

About me

My dream since childhood was to be a useful person in society. I worked hard at school and chose education as the path to my dreams and goals. I am a big fan of science and believe that science can enlighten lives, and this is the main reason why I decided to begin a Ph.D. journey. Every morning, my ‘goals’ make me happier, stronger, and more optimistic. I look forward to spending time with my family and friends because they are the most important thing in my life. Although I like living in liveable metropolitan cities such as Tehran where I lived for many years, I love the nature and spending holidays in the jungle where there are no sounds except birds, the river, and the wind. However, as a society, we are all responsible for protecting nature and the environment so that we can pass them on to future generations, which is why it is our main responsibility to treat humans, animals, and the environment with respect at any time. I am passionate about children and their brilliant thoughts and dreams. It breaks my heart to see children living poorly throughout the world. It compel me to fight harder for my goal to establish a charity to support these children. There’s only one thing I wish for in life: to live in a universe where all creatures have equal rights.

Personal Motivation

The environment is the most valuable asset of the human, and we can no longer live on the world if environmental damages continue with the current pace. I think that it is the time when all people must step into protecting the environment against risks caused by humans either as a scientist, a teacher or a parent. Anyone can do anything that is capable of based on his/her personal and social situation. NEON has made me able to participate in an energy transition consortium as a Ph.D. candidate aiming to minimize the environmental externalities caused by the urban freight transportation sector. I have studied “Transportation Engineering” as the master education, and I have found this area so related to the environment preservation activities. The emissions caused by urban freight and passenger transportation have put the environment at a serious risk. As a Ph.D. working in WP6, my colleagues and I focus on designing the smart logistics hubs and mobility as a service aiming at contributing to the energy transition acceleration.

Micro hubs’ locations and delivery vehicles

Our work package addresses smart and safe mobility by focusing on smart logistics hubs and mobility as a service (MaaS). Micro hubs are flexible state-of-the-art facilities located in the last-mile delivery network aiming at the economic, environmental, and social improvement of urban logistics. By the collaboration of smart hubs and green delivery vehicles, the system will be more efficient and sustainable. In WP6b, I study the optimal design of micro hubs’ locations and delivery vehicles’ routing plans.

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