PHD candidate

Prapti Maharjan

About me

I like going for walks and hugs. I want to inspire by being. 

Personal Motivation

My grandpa always taught me to love nature, but I did not know all the how’s and whys. Having attended a workshop on climate change in sixth grade, I was exposed to the news of villages in Nepal being displaced due to the melting of glaciers at an early age. That was when I became aware of climate change and how vulnerable Nepal was to its impacts. Partly inspired by the workshop’s presenter and partly my eagerness to do something about climate change, I joined the eco-club at my school with the ambition to save the world. Fast forward to the present, I struggle to keep the same aspiration alive, knowing the complexity and the weight the word “Climate Change” carries. Inherently a collective problem in nature, climate change can merely be solved by an individual or a society, but I hope the small steps everyone takes will compound to something large enough to reverse the damages (caused by climate change) we currently see/experience.

My primary research area is to assess the environmental impacts of emerging technologies from a systems perspective. I aim to implement a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to quantify these impacts across the life cycle stages to avoid burden shifting. Identifying existing enabling conditions in the Netherland’s current energy system and how their interactions could help mobilise large-scale changes would be another part of my research.

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I expect to work most closely together with colleagues from WP 10.