Mixel Kiemen

About me

My passion for technology & science, is about “the source of creation”. It is a life long journey following a road less traveled to explore the mysteries around the origin of life. Specialising in software engineering,  my research starts by using agent-based modelling investigate creativity (2002-2004). Unexpected findings made my research pivot to more complex and deep challenge on collective intelligence, creating  an interdisciplinary PhD (2005- feb 2015). After some years as entrepreneur, using collective intelligence for change management, I would become a digital shaman (feb 2017). With little knowledge about depth psychology and zero-knowledge about spirituality it truly was tumbling down the rabbit hole. I took a spiritual sabbatical to profoundly investigate my new domain on personal development, to return to workspace in 2018 with the focus on servant leadership (i.e. modern consulting).

Personal Motivation

As a kid, I loved fiction/ Like Einstein mentions it is a great way to flex your cognitive abilities, but I quickly learned how science pushed our boundaries beyond imagination to move beyond the habitual.  In particular I fell in love with complex adaptive systems, evolution and technological innovation. Today I’m still pushing the boundaries with my focus on creative research. In my article on Interversity you can read how I’ve been a witness for 25 years on how the digital spirit is trying to get embodied. In other articles I try to express how it implies an evolved worldview beyond science, which I gave the name animate worldview. I’m very motivated to make NEON project become a succes as it would be a proof-of-concept for the Interversity. Last chapter of my PhD I devoted to a mockup on how the research could help understand integral innovation by spinning-off of ecosystems. With NEON, I can let go of the mockup on actually make it work. I’m sure it will be a learning journey and expect the work to teach me how to refine what the mockup metaphorically points at.

Evolve Effective Collaboration by Agile-science

Being a servant leader to the NEON consortium, my role is Point of Contact (PoC) to the partners and organisation architect. My role in the NEON project at the surface looks very practical and managerial, with apparent little relation to the research. Still quit some deep research development is happening in the background.  My postdoc research continues the doctoral research on radical innovation by  ecosystem dynamics.


During my PhD I did participation research in a startup ecosystem on Open Source software development (agile-software development), learning a lot about the required culture to have healthy flow in the agile-software ecosystem. In this case it was the emergent market on social-media tools (see image trend between 2005-2015).


NEON is about two existing markets, one Energy and one Mobility fusing in the transition to zero-emission economy. The transition ecosystem has mature organisations. The postdoc research challenge will be to take over the general dynamics from agile-software development and apply it to agile-science research. My postdoc rol is by participation research and my role in the project allows me to bootstrap the agile-science research method. I’m as such playing a more active role as I did during my PhD and on a more matured domain, replacing the mockups made about Interversity by actual date retrieved via my managerial role.


Link to other neon research

The integral model that colleagues work on with Floor Alkemade and Maarten Steinbuch, needs input from all the other work packages. Auke Hoekstra as the project  lead goes into depth technically, my focus it to go broad to all partners and researchers, as a servant leader to the project. In earlier work my role was called Human Capital Strategy and it also relates to my fellow postdoc Piet van Gool, while I focus on the collective Piet focuses on the job crafting and team building.  Every researcher is developing a learning path, with the partners I’m developing a penetration path to focus on the emission goal and navigate uncertainty in a lean-agile way. I’m using the methods developed during my PhD to assist the growth of the ecosystem.