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Piet van Gool

About me

NEON as a multidisciplinary project fits me well because I’m a bit of a multidisciplinary project myself. I started my academic life studying law, eventually graduated in engineering, and did a PhD in organizational psychology.

Personal Motivation

The first job I aspired as a child was that of Easter Bunny. I saw many people wasting away in boring, uninspiring, bullshit jobs, so wouldn’t it be great to just have to work only one day a year like the Easter Bunny. From there I developed a fascination for how we can enable people to enjoy and thrive in their work. Particularly for the big challenges that we face today, we can no longer afford to let people waste their life and talents in useless jobs.

Collaboration, Creativity, collective Intelligence

It is my goal to unlock the full potential of the NEON project by creating a community that facilitates collaboration, creativity, and the use of its collective intelligence.

Link to other neon research

With what persons or what other work packages do you want to work together in order to increase the cross-disciplinary potential of NEON?