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About Damen Shipyards Group

Damen is a family owned business that stands for fellowship, craftsmanship, entrepreneurship and stewardship. We believe that our oceans, seas, lakes and rivers offer humanity a growing range of possibilities in terms of trade, food, energy and recreation. We provide maritime solutions to meet these opportunities, through design, shipbuilding, ship repair and related services.
In the previous century, we revolutionised shipbuilding with standardisation and serial production. More than ninety years and 6,000 ships later, those pillars are unchanged. Their importance is only growing with the need for increased sustainability and digitalisation. It is our aim to combine our proven standardisation with the innovations of digitalisation to become the world’s most sustainable shipbuilder.

Role in NEON

As a innovative ship designer and builder we have already delivered the first fully electrified ships. Base on this we can use our practical experiences in the more scientific focused NEON project. This includes providing the data and requirements so that PhD researchers can perform research that is necessary for making the next steps in maritime electrification. On the other hand we can directly implement the developed knowledge in the design of our ships.
In the NEON project we like to work closely together with the researchers and other partners, in order to create a good synergy, and have new innovative and surprising project results.

Motivation for joining NEON

We see the interest and market for (more) electrification of ships increasing rapidly. Especially ships that operating short to shore, like ferries, tugs and workboats, are very suitable for full electrical operation (shore charged). More electric ships are equipped with large Energy Storage Systems (ESS). Ships with an extended operational profile will get other types of energy sources, like fuel cells in combination with ESS. All this development required a smart electrical power system, both onboard (WP2) and between main grid and ship (WP5) that are suitable for (fast) charging of the ESS and connect and control the future energy sources. The proposed technology development in NEON will contribute to improve our electric ships, so that we become the world’s most sustainable shipbuilder.