Assistant Professor, SMIEEE

Zian Qin

About me

I love to make changes instead of repeating things. That’s why I am doing research in university, where I am able to work on innovative projects, like Neon. In my free time, I like to be together with friends, travel and swim.

Personal Motivation

When people are asking ‘do you really believe a battery with the same size as a gasoline tank can store more energy?’, I always think about an example that the first computer was in the size of a room but could do only simple calculations. Could the people by that time imagine that half a century later they can get a computer A4 size and doing much more complicated things? Perhaps not. The same thing is happening today. Technologies always bring changes to our life that beyond our imagination. I do not know what amazing things we will achieve eventually, but we will for sure make (good) changes and our life more sustainable. Specifically, my research objective is to make sure our grid is still stable and clean when more power electronics are connected to it, like EV chargers, renewables, etc.

Bipolar DC grids on ships

Together with my student, we will work on bipolar DC grids on ships. We will address the challenges regarding stability, power balancing and protection of the DC grid.

Link to other neon research

  • The human factor (WP7)
  • Regulation and standarization (WP8)
  • Societal values (WP9)
  • Contribute shipboard dc grid model to integral model (WP10)