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About Solarge B.V.

“With our new sustainable Solar technology, Solarge wants to contribute to the acceleration of the energy transition”

It is with this mission that Solarge started the development of lightweight photovoltaïc (PV) modules, initiated by one of the largest construction companies in The Netherlands, Heijmans, Research Institute TNO, Solar Research Institute Solliance, and petrochemical manufacterer SABIC.  This joint effort is unique and the result is a completely new approach to the construction and application of PV modules. 

Dutch Technology

By using fiber re-inforced polymers and a for this purpose developed and patented set of materials by SABIC we created the basis for a new technique to manufacture lightweight PV modules.  This completely new technique allows Solarge to choose and utilize the best solar cells that are available now and in the future.  The technology developed by Solarge also offers form-flexibility for floating PV applications and tailor-made, in-roof, or integrated roof solutions (BIPV).

Solarge is located in Eindhoven and uses the extensive network of high-tech companies that has been established here. Solarge has an R&D/production facility in Eindhoven and is currently developing a fully automated production line for volume production that will be commissioned in mid-2021.

Role in NEON

Solarge will contribute to the integration of a solar panel in the roofing module. This makes solar panels much cheaper (since the structural layer is the roof panel), reduces the added labour cost of installation to zero, increases the area covered by solar panel, and presents a more aesthetically pleasing result. A first business case is farm buildings with their large uniform roofs, and this will be explored together with Friesland Campina. However, the challenges of developing the materials and adhesives to make a solution that will last as long as a traditional roof are substantial which is why NEON incorporates further research.

Another task for Solarge is to obtain surveys on human perceptions regarding BIPV and PV-fields.

Definition of low cost solutions, quick to install, BIPV technologies for urban areas, including high-rise buildings.

BIPV approaches of Solarge moved from TRL 4 to 6, by adopting hybrid perovskite thin film PV.

Finally, focus is on regulatory framework needed to accelerate the implementation of BIPV and business models and impact of BIPV

Motivation for joining NEON

Solarge focusses on solar solutions that are much more easy and lower in cost than current conventional PV modules. The current design offers lightweight solutions and allow new shapes for faster installation. Solarge foresees a strong growth in the Netherlands for solar integration. The integration aspect has several dimensions: esthetic integrations in the built envrionment, as well as proper integration into the electricity grid, as well as cost reductions that are required for future growth. It is announced by the dutch government that support in the form of SDE subsidy will decrease in the next years and finally will no longer be needed.Solarge sees strong consortium partners in the NEON project that can collaberate to reach that goal as soon as possible. The solutions will not only be of high importance for the dutch market, but also has high export potential.