We make sure the lights are on, homes are heated, and businesses can keep operating – not just today, but also in a sustainable tomorrow

Work packages

About Liander

Liander develops and operates energy networks. Through our cables and pipes, over three million Dutch households and companies are supplied with electricity, gas and heating. We operate a 90,000km electricity grid and a 40,000km gas network, and we take great pride in our networks being among the world’s most reliable. Our colleagues make sure the lights are on, homes are heated and businesses can keep operating. We are driven by the social importance of keeping energy reliable, affordable and accessible for everyone.

The world around us is changing rapidly and the energy transition is in full swing. Wind turbines, solar panels, EV charging stations, heat pumps: the Netherlands is switching to an energy system with large volumes of locally generated power and more different kinds of energy. Alliander plays a key role in this, with our knowledge and skills, we are helping the Netherlands make the right choices in the energy transition.

Role in NEON

From our experience we know that inverters can support the grid and avoid or delay socialised grid investments when equipped by smart autonomous U/Q/P controls. In NEON we want to further investigate and develop these favourable controls for the MV chargers research in WP5. These new large chargers than can bring additional societal value in more advanced grid design policies that we develop for our MV-grids with high penetration of renewables.

Besides the electrical side of mobility we have a large interest in modelling how the energy use will develop in the future. As we invest in grids with a life time for 40-50 years we now have to make intelligent decision for a range of futures. The charging behaviour (socially, economically and regulatory driven) can have major impact on the capacity and functionality of the grid. Bringing in our knowledge on scenario building, grid related regulation, and grid impact of charging behaviour contributes the help NEON researchers build on our sector knowledge.

Motivation for joining NEON

We participate in NEON as it investigates one of the bigger and unknown changes that affect our grid: the charging of electric mobility. This is not a pure technical issue but especially the interaction with regulatory parameters, business models and social behaviour aspects of charging electric vehicles makes the change. Our grids will facilitate this change and by participating we get insights in the desired change on one side and on the other side bring grid knowledge into the development of chargers so these chargers can help optimize the energy systems.