Professor & Principal Investigator

Saskia Lavrijssen

About me

I am a passionate and enthusiastic person with a huge amount of energy. In my personal life and at work I adhere to my personal values of integrity, transparency, fairness, honesty and sustainability. These values guide me when I must make difficult decisions or when I have to deal with complicated situations. In my spare time I enjoy nature by running and walking in the lake area of Oisterwijk. I also love to spend time with my husband and 3 kids. As I am an awful cook, I prefer to go out for dinner in nice and cozy restaurants.

Personal Motivation

I am motivated to make the world a better place. In my work I am passionate about linking science with society and to work on big societal challenges such as combatting climate change and the energy transition. I am an open and transparent person and love to work in (multi)-disciplinary and diverse teams. I really enjoy coaching younger researchers stimulating them to be confident and to develop their own talents. The NEON project attracts me because of the large diversity and multi-disciplinarity of the project and the consortium. The energy transition is a big puzzle that can only be solved by integrating different perspectives and by linking the developments in the market with scientific insights. Ultimately, this will lead to an environment of co-creation resulting in scientific and societal breakthroughs.

Governance, theory of regulation and innovation, law

Governance, theory of regulation and innovation, law with respect to innovations in the energy and mobility transition

Link to other neon research

I would like to work with all researchers that want to share insights and experiences regarding institutional barriers (legal, governance, social) for the implementation and facilitation of the energy transition and the integration of electric mobility.