Professor & Principal Investigator

Rudi Bekkers

About me

When I grew up, my father passed his fascination with technology over to me, and I started my career as an engineer. Somehow, topics like economics and law crossed my path, and eventually, I specialized in technical standards and intellectual property. The fascination for technology remains… There are many things I like (love) and I can get very enthusiastic about. So I have plenty of hobbies, of which making Irish music is perhaps the one I feel strongest about. And regularly add new hobbies… For instance, I learned that I was able to sport and run and concur several marathons. Together with my partner, I have two kids (who are already a student). From previous sustainability projects, I learned that every introduction includes the mobility modus, so… I travel mostly by train but do drive an EV. (But admittedly, also a fuel-powered roadster.) And while I like technology and things, I like people even better ;-)

Personal Motivation

I am fascinated by technical standards, in the extreme. For a long time, that meant telecom standards to me. But with the large societal challenges we are facing, I stated to realize that I may also use my knowledge to create a meaningful contribution in other fields, like energy and mobility. NEON will be my third larger endeavour in this direction.

Technical standards in the fields of energy and mobility

Solutions in the field of energy and mobility will not be isolated ones but will be based on connectivity and interoperability. This is best done by creating the right technical standards. If we fail to do so, we will see monopolies in one or even more layers in the value chain, instead of a healthy market.

Together with others in the team, I want to find out where the opportunities exist and where the bottlenecks lie in terms of having the right standards in place.

Link to other neon research

I’d like to work with the people in all the ‘technical’ work packages (WP1-WP7) to investigate how a successful, interoperable realization is possible.

After making an inventory of potential standardization cases, 2 or 3 cases will be selected for further focus and worked out in detail.