PhD Candidate

Pim Labee

About me

Although I grew up listening to music from Status Quo in the car with my dad, I always like to challenge the status quo. Therefore I am slightly allergic to the statement “aren’t things just fine the way they are?” Perhaps they are. But I am confident that things can always be improved, whether on personal or professional level. While doing so, I love to make people laugh. Most preferably through terrible puns; the worse the better.

Personal Motivation

The drive to always challenge the status quo in my personal life, resonates with my drive to be part of the NEON research. I am fascinated by the transition to a more sustainable world and I am particularly intrigued by the role smart mobility can play. The complex puzzle of technological development paired with human behavior is not a puzzle easily solved. However still, such an interesting puzzle to solve. Therefor I think it is the most beautiful opportunity to work on NEON and to be a part of this team who all share the same core beliefs and unite under the same most purposeful cause: to leave the world as a better place than we found it.

Smart & safe mobility - smart hubs and mobility as a service

Our team will focus on Smart and Safe mobility. Smart mobility is essential to decrease energy usage and to increase quality of life. Within this work package and team I will focus on large scale mobility simulation which integrates the latest technological developments such as (semi) autonomous- and electric vehicles, and services such as carsharing and Mobility as a Service.

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