PHD candidate

Nikos Damianakis

About me

Hi, my name is Nikos, I come from Greece and I am an Electrical Power Engineer with specializations in Energy, Electric Machines and Smart Grids, currently working as a PhD Candidate in TU Delft in the Department of Electrical Sustainable Energy. E-mobility is the focus of my research career since my early university years, because I believe that it will play a significant role in a future sustainable world. Music, travelling and having an athletic way of living have always been inherent parts of my life, since they help me feel complete and peaceful, driving me away from the stress and anxiety that characterize our modern lifestyle

Personal Motivation

On the one hand, I have always been fascinated with being a part of the research community of my field, aiming to make my own contribution to the scientific knowledge that is going to be earned. On the other hand, it is now well-known that our fossil-fueled world is not going to last unless we change our power grid and of course our lives to a more sustainable way. Therefore, energy transition is not an idea any more, rather a necessity, regarding which such the industry as the scientific community should focus and collaborate. In my point of view, NEON project is going to provide the world and particularly the Netherlands with a complete view on how the energy transition will be managed and realized. And this is justified by the interdisciplinary collaboration of all participants in the NEON project, who address thoroughly and enthusiastically all technical, societal, psychological, economical and governmental factors related with our ultimate goal or energy transition

Energy management with integration of res, storage, evs and other smart loads

  • What is the impact to the power grid of the future totally electric load and how can Intelligent Management contribute to alleviate it?


  • How Energy Storage Systems (ESSs), RES exploitation and Smart Loads increase cost savings and minimize the need for upgrade of the Dutch electricity grid?


  • How can DC Microgrids contribute to Energy Transition and what is the benefit of replacement of the existing AC grid?

Link to other neon research

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  • Local energy demand, storage and new market models
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