PHD candidate

Sicheng Gong

About me

I am an enthusiastic engineer specializing in power quality management, enlightened by interdisciplinary technologies involving the areas of computational geometry and operations research. I love random walks in Wikipedia to keep my curiosity on new things.

Personal Motivation

I am deeply passionate about electric transportation techniques, which are crucial for addressing climate change and advancing sustainable societal development. Drawing upon my engineering experience and research expertise, I aspire to make a little contribution to this field. As a member of NEON, I am proud to collaborate with my NEON colleagues in our collective journey towards sustainability.

Grid Congestion Management

Grid congestion has become a significant barrier to the transition of energy and mobility, especially within the Dutch framework. While there’s a growing roster of potential investors interested in electric vehicles (EVs) and charging infrastructure, the current power grid’s limited capacity prevents the addition of more EV charging stations. This situation is often referred to as “grid congestion” or “gridlock.”

My research aims to maximize the grid’s power delivery capacity through coordinated charging. By merely leveraging existing grid assets, we can immediately host more charging stations. This smart-hosting approach is a promising supplement to costly and lengthy grid expansions for grid congestion mitigation.

Link to other neon research

As a member of NEON WP5, I am examining the effects of ultrafast EV chargers on the grid, a critical step before developing a congestion management strategy. Additionally, to guarantee the feasibility of our suggested operational approach, my research extends to the regulatory and standardization aspects under NEON WP8.