PhD Candidate

Olaf Borsboom

About me

I have been a professional athlete for several years, which has taught me to persist, be precise and completely go for it when I am trying new things. If I do something, I want to do it right and preferably, be the best. I am willing to take the time to invest in myself, be curious and go into depth to fully understand things.

Personal Motivation

Besides learning new skills and developing myself as a researcher, scientist and engineer during a PhD, I love the idea of contributing something to the world, its population and future generations. Moreover, I love the holistic, multi-disciplinary approach of the NEON research project, because I truly believe that this is the only way that this huge problem is ever going to be solved. It is the only way that any scientist or other human being is ever going to achieve anything and make a difference. We must tackle this problem from all sides!

Multi-fidelity modelling methods for electric vehicle powertrain systems

During my research in NEON, I will be focusing on creating accurate but computationally fast models of components in electric vehicles, such as electric motors, batteries, and gearbox transmissions. In this way, we can optimize the design and control of each vehicle and its components for each application.

Link to other neon research

I will be working together with TNO and Lightyear, to receive information from the real world, and apply my work directly as well, making this loop as small as possible. I am also very interested in how a fleet of electric vehicles will interact with the energy grid.