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Workshop facilitator & co-creation coach

Michiel van Lelyveld

About me

I’m very passionate about understanding what the reason is we are here in this incredible universe, and how we can take part in the magic of life. I have found it very frustrating to see how we can get lost so easily in the mundane struggles of life. So I have been trying to look for ways to keep myself (and therefore others) on the right track with the right outlook. That is why I promote a more holistic and spiritual way of living. I would love to see this world transform itself into a healthy and loving place.

Personal Motivation

What drives me to take part in the NEON project is its goal to promote sustainable system change. In my view, sustainability is one of the most important subjects of this age. The NEON project approaches this subject in a holistic way by involving researchers from different disciplins and combining their wisdom to come up with real solutions to our sustainability problems. I resonate with this approach and I would love to contribute to a good outcome.

Workshop facilitation & co-creation

My task inside the NEON collective is to bring the researchers closer to eachother and closer to themselves, by facilitating inspiring gatherings. We need to have space and time inside our weekly routines to get out of our minds and connect on an emotional and physical level. We need to share our ideas, dreams and doubts so we can create from an authentic place in a sustainable way.

Link to other neon research

With what persons or what other work packages do you want to work together in order to increase the cross-disciplinary potential of NEON?