Assistant professor

Mauro Salazar

About me

I just moved to the Netherlands, the country of Spinoza, of the Flemish masters of light, of Jheronimus Bosch, of humanism and innovation, to follow my academic dream by joining Eindhoven University of Technology. I am thrilled to be here and I am looking forward to a fruitful and adventurous period. I concur with what Francesco De Sanctis used to say to engineering students during his Italian literature lectures: “Before being engineers, you are first and foremost humans”. Now more than ever we need a holistic perspective on innovation and education, and carry out research that is not done for the sake of research but for the sake of a sustainable, inclusive and happy future for the planet and future generations.

Personal Motivation

I am enthusiastic about humanism, creativity, technology and science. My research mission is to make mobility more sustainable and inclusive, and—in line with our responsibility as engineers and human beings—to ultimately make the world a better place. NEON is the right framework to contribute to a sustainable society with the power of humanism, creativity, technology and science. I consider it extremely important and fascinating to work at problems that are both technically challenging and societally relevant.

E-Powertrain design for zero emission energy and mobility

My research is at the interface of control theory and optimization, and is aimed at enabling the deployment of sustainable solutions for current and future mobility systems, from the single-vehicle level up to the transportation-system level.

Within NEON, I will leverage and combine modeling and optimization methods to frame and solve optimal design and operational problems with applications ranging from single vehicles and powertrains to entire transportation systems.

Link to other neon research

There are different links to the other WPs. In particular, we expect to receive information about real world cases, data to model our components (efficiency, cost, life cycle), mobility demand distributions and different vehicles’ usage conditions. Furthermore, we also expect to obtain relevant data from our own WP partners Lightyear and TNO.