Assistant Professor

Maurice Roes

About me

I am an idealist and like to use this drive in everything I do. I love research as well as teaching and coaching the future generations of engineers and researchers. I play the piano, like to read and swim in my free time.

Personal Motivation

The energy transition will be one of the large undertakings of society in the coming decade(s). It is not only necessary, but it is also achievable. There is a huge role to be played in this paradigm shift power electronics, which is my field on interest. As an interfacing technology, it is crucial in bringing together actors in this energetic play: energy producers, consumers and grid operators and aggregators and industries. It is the technology that ties them all together and enables a radical change in how energy is generated and used.

Medium Voltage charger technology

  • Topic / PhD 1: Charger supported MV grid capacity optimization with societally desirable incentives and business models
  • Topic / PhD 2: Modular bidirectional power conversion for MV grid-connected ultrafast chargers
  • Topic / PhD 3: Power converter and control architectures with extended lifetime and zero downtime
  • Topic / PhD 4: Scalable distributed control techniques for networks of grid connected high-power chargers

Link to other neon research

  • Storage for peak-shaving for wind and PV generation and energy demand (WP1+3)
  • Interaction with industrial markets and aggregators (WP3)
  • Planning and requirements for ultrafast charging of truck and ships at Smart Hubs (WP6)
  • Insight in societal, legal and environmental bottlenecks and how to mitigate them (WP7+8)
  • Standardization of charging and grid interactions (WP8)
  • Contribute reduced order charger model to integral model (WP10)
  • Dissemination – Papers, patents, conferences, PhD theses (WP12)