PHD candidate

Laura Sanaz Kaschny

About me

To be honest, being a ‘research machine’ has been a big and exciting part of my life so far – may this be as a biologist on Svalbard (High Arctic) or a law student in the Netherlands and Germany. To balance my nerdy pleasure of brain storming over legal issues for hours, I try to do sports as much as time allows me. (Still hoping to make that marathon dream become reality – and not just purchase endless runner tickets without ever using them…) I also consider myself a very social person and I am the happiest with my family, friends and dog around me.

Personal Motivation

Having a background in biology and environmental management, I see the world a lot through the lens of a ‘natural scientist’. Standing in the laboratory and experiencing climate change and the human influence on ecosystems and society ‘first hand’ has greatly motivated me to expand this understanding further to the regulatory and legal side of these issues. Now as a legal PhD candidate, Neon resonates a lot with me as it allows me to bring these worlds together. Based on its interdisciplinary approach and linking scientific knowledge to real life outcomes, it allows us to address the societal challenge of an energy transition in an effective and comprehensive manner.

Law, regulation and governance

EU law, energy and environmental regulation, regulation of prosumers, regulation of renewable energy integration

Link to other neon research

As law is mostly considered to be ‘lagging behind reality’, I would like to engage and discuss with everyone who could share insights into the barriers that still exist (in practice) with regard to the introduction of renewable energy sources into the grid.