PHD candidate

Jorn van Kampen

Jorn van Kampen

About me

Continuously challenging myself and getting the best results is what I am aiming at. I have a multidisciplinary interest, which is why I chose the Automotive Technology study at the TU/e in which I received both a BSc and MSc. Next to my studies, I have been part of a student team for about six years during which we worked on a fast-charging fully electric race car. My current aim is to apply my acquired knowledge on electric vehicles and contribute to the energy transition.

Personal Motivation

I have a great passion for cars (as you could tell from my study choices), but at the same time I also feel the need to make the society more sustainable. This project combines the best of both worlds and allows me to contribute to both developments in vehicle design as well as making transportation more sustainable. In addition, I very much enjoy being part of a multi-disciplinary team that faces different kinds of challenges every day. Because we all work in close collaboration in the NEON research project and spend a lot of effort in understanding each other’s work, we can bring new insights to each other’s and our own projects. This unique workflow fits my own broad interests and I am convinced that this allows us to make the difference.

Architecture design for multiple electric vehicle products

In my research, I am developing a tool based on computational design methods to automatically optimize the powertrain topology of various electric vehicles. In the end, this tool should assist design engineers in the choice of technology, placement and interconnection of components over different system levels.

Link to other neon research

Within our work package, we have a close collaboration amongst the different PhD students, since we are all working on a part of the puzzle for optimal vehicle design. Within my research specifically, there is a connection to work package 5 (fast charging), since the charging infrastructure can have a large influence on the onboard charger part of the powertrain architecture.