PHD candidate

Fabio Paparella

About me

I love to explore new ideasmeet new people, live in new places. I decided to do a PhD while interning at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where I initially got introduced to complex multi-disciplinary problems that, at first, seem hard to model and solve.

We should “leave this world a little better than we found it”. Now more than ever, a transition to sustainability is required, not only for ourselves, but even more for future generations.

Personal Motivation

Considering that I grew up in a very small city, I can’t stand living in a polluted place. At the same, I realized how usefull a tool like Uber can be, especially for people like myself who hate searching for a free parking space

NEON seems a very good fit because it can help me (and millions of other pleople) to live in greener place, where the presence of a fleet of autonomous vehicles can both bring you wherever you want and make it sustainable too.


My area of research is about the joint design and control problem of a fleet of solar e-AMoD vehicles (electric Autonomous Mobility on Demand), capturing the interaction with the existing transportation infrastructure and the power-grid.

Due to the strong coupling between this fleet and everything around it, this problem must be studied from a system-level perspective. In particular, the routing of each agent of the system so that the performances are maximizedconsumptions and traffic jam minimized.

Link to other neon research

There are different “links” to the different WPs. In particular information to receive about real world casesdata to model our components (efficiency, cost, life cycle), vehicles in different usage conditions (geographically), yet we also to expect to obtain relevant data via our own WP partners Lightyear, TNO