PHD candidate

Amira El Feiaz

About me

I am most myself in the middle of a forest, gathering herbs and wondering if it’s the medicinal kind or actual poison. In my free time I (attempt to) study herbology & homeopathic practices; experiment with vegan cuisine; I am learning to sew my own clothes & get insane amounts of childish euphoria when I find a hidden treasures in a thrift shop. An avid long-distance runner, but I easily swap my sport time for a long bike ride to the middle of nowhere. I was born in Kiev to a Russian mom & an Iraqi  dad – which slips through significantly in my accent, especially when I am tired 😉 For someone who talks as much as I do, I am quite withdrawn (when I get the chance, I guess?).

Personal Motivation

I have omnipresent enthusiasm for and dedication to sustainability in all its facets. Ever since high school, when I first ‘discovered’ – for lack of a better word – the grand problems society is consistently causing our ecology, our planet, doing everything I possibly could became my life mission. As I got older and refined my dreams into a more concrete, practical set of goals, I  started to deliberately synthesize the sustainability objective with a business education, a key stepping stone towards my professional goal: the substantial and permanent incorporation of socially and environmentally responsible development into the corporate world, and therefore into people’s lives. I believe the world of finance has an immense responsibility and capacity to step up and be a key player in the sustainability transition.  Hence, my formal education was finalized with a MSc in Sustainable Finance.   As of February 2021, I am conducting research within W3 of the NEON project – the package that centers around local business models of demand. I focus on critical concepts such as prosumerism,  aggregators and other keyupcoming players within the energy sector; all quickly becoming integral to the renewable energy transition in the Netherlands and beyond. Hereby I look into the influence of different governance modes, normative conceptions and institutional arrangements on the material outcomes of various prosumer business models, such as social and environmental value creation & revenue streams.

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